Per Johansen, Curriculum Vitae

I was born and raised in Copenhagen in a working-class environment. My mother was a secretary and my father was a jack of all trades.

When I was 18 I got my first job in a photography store in Copenhagen. It was a semi-professional business where many commercial photographers came to buy their cameras and supplies. I became very interested in photography even though my job was to package and post parcels in the basement. I was allowed to borrow equipment and buy material cheap, so I started experimenting with photography, taking pictures of my girlfriend, family and my surroundings. Anyway, I needed an education, and through my job I had contact with the professional photographers. I was lucky and quickly found a studio where I became an apprentice. Besides learning all about technique and having access to the best equipment, I began to experiment with both film and photography. I collaborated with my brother who also was interested in photography and filmmaking. In time, we became more serious and made a black and white 16mm film. The title was "Three kisses", a story about two average people in love leading their average lives. Furthermore, we began to make art photographs together. When I had finished my education, and we had enough photos, we took our car and drove down through Europe to show and sell our pictures. We sold them on the street, side-by-side other street vendors, artists and musicians, and our profits proved to be pretty decent.

Back home we exhibited our photographs at Krasnapolsky, at that time a new and hip café/gallery. We sold a couple of our photos and received a really good review in the country’s leading newspaper Politiken. Moreover, some of our work was accepted and shown at the Charlottenborg Autumn Exhibition. This was the middle of the 80's and alas, there was no way you could make a decent living as an art photographer.
Eventually, I fell in love, and leading a normal life became my first priority. My first job was at Roskilde University, where I worked as a photographer for about a year. Later, I decided to open a photography studio with a colleague. Somewhat to our surprise, our business became a success right away and it lasted many years. After a period of financial and inspirational decline, my partner and I decided to split up our studio and pursue individual projects. I had been fiddling around with my project "en anden side" (another side) for many years and could feel that now was the time to be getting serious about it. Luckily, I was at a place in my life where I could make it work. We closed our business in 2008, and ever since, I have been working exclusively on my own things. Now I feel that I have managed to create such good projects that I am now ready to show them to the world.

Good luck to myself.

Per Johansen, December 2010.

1980: making the 16 mm movie “3 KISSES”
1981: educated at the School of Photography, Denmark
1983: solo-exhibition, Krasnapolsky, Copenhagen
1985: Charlottenborg Autumn Exhibition, Copenhagen
2011: solo-exhibition, Werkstette, Copenhagen
2011: groupexhibition, Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
2011: group-exhibition, CordenPotts Gallery, San Francisco, US
2011: The Nordic Art Fair, Copenhagen
2011: participating in Sixth Finch, online art journal